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Name Stevecum (m)
Age #50 -- Birthday: August, 16
Location Columbus Texas Texas, United States
Occupation Self-Employed/Owner
Education University Degree
Ethnicity Caucatian/White
Height 5.9 ft (1.75cm)
Marital Status Single
No. of Children
About Me

WHAT I LIKE IN A RELATIONSHIP: I seek for True Love ,Care, Romance , Faithfulness, Sincerity,Trust,Understanding ,Humility,Learning from each other,taking decision together,God-fearing etc. I consider a Relationship as a life commitment and dedication to love and cherish each other in all conditions...In a Relationship,I believe my partner is a special Gift from God and she must be treated with lots of love , romance and respect ...I also consider her as a source of happiness to me and the I should also be a source of happiness to her in all things. MY INTEREST: The things that interest me are as follow : Listening to good Music, Watching Comedy Movies ,holding hands and kissing together, preparing meals in the kitchen together,taking a walk ,cuddling and making passionate love ,taking our showers together, watching Animal Documentaries,visiting the Zoo, going to the Beach together for relaxation,going on romantic cruise etc . MY HOBBIES: Cooking , Singing ,Reading, Gardening , Camping , fishing ,going to interesting Places etc WHAT I CONSIDER AS LOVE ? Love to me is the strongest emotional feelings and affections that we share in our heart for each other...I also consider Love as a natural bliss created between two partners to show affection to each other....I believe that Love is patient, love is kind,love is enduring,love is forgiving, love is caring ,love is not proud, love is not rude, love is not self-seeking,love is not easily angered,love keeps no record of wrong doing, Love does not delight in wickedness or hurt but rejoices with truth and understanding,love always protects, love always trusts, and love always endures in all conditions whether in sickness or in health,riches or in poor etc. Finally , I am looking for that one person whom i can spend all the days of my life with treating her with lots of love,romance and respect and treating her special like never before and cherishing her like the breath of my life ...making her know that without her ...i can not not live my life...Please if you are interested and agreed with what i have said about myself and true love ...please feel free to communicate to me so that we can proceed and get to know each other

  • Religion: Christian
  • Looking For: Serious Relationship
  • Seeking: Female
  • Body Type: Average
  • Smoking: No
  • Drinking: I Drink Occassionally